Increasing Suicide cases of Actors and Actresses

Written By: Iqra Fatima

“Every person who is born shall die one day.” This statement is common in all humans and is known to all the people in this world. It is clearly explained that any person must die one day. It is another fact that there are many beliefs in different religions. Like, in Hinduism, it says that a person is born 9 times. In Christianity, it says that the average life of any person is 70 years, according to the Bible. In Islam, it says that a person is born only one time and can die at any time.
Well, it is another topic.

The suicide of Sushant Singh Rajput Only a few days before, we all were shocked by the news that the famous lead actor of Pavitra Rishta; Sushant Singh committed suicide by hanging himself with the ceiling fan. This news put not only his fans but also people associated with the entertainment industry into great trauma. Even the prime minister, Narendra Modi also showed his sorrow on his news of suicide.
Different people said different things about his committing suicide. Some said that he had depression; some said that he was worried about repaying his debt, some said other things.

But at this point, a question arises:

“Is suicide the only method to get rid of depression and ultimately, life?
If we see the act of suicide in a personal way, everyone will say that it is definitely an act of cowardice. When a man is hopeless in all the ways, he/she thinks that taking his life in his own hands is the only way. He thinks that only in this way, he can get rid of depression.

There is a question for them:

“When you don’t have life, will you be able to know what actually depression is?”

“When you can’t even breathe, will you be able to identify how hatred of people feels?”

But, it seems to be very difficult to shoot yourself in the head or hang your own body with the ceiling fan.
Well, it is a problem for them who commit suicide.

Why suicide is increasing in people related with the entertainment industry?

It is not the first time that a famous actor committed suicide. There are many examples of people committing suicide in Hollywood, Bollywood, and even Pakistan.

Famous poet, Shakeeb Jalali was born in 1934. The problem arose when he wasn’t praised by his fellow poets. Instead, they always taunted him with different words. Nobody knew that the father of Shakeeb Jalali had a mental disorder. He often got mad and destroyed the things at home. Once, the father of Shakeeb Jalali threw their mother in the front of a high-speed train in front of Shakeeb’s brothers and sisters. The terrible death of his mother put Shakeeb into a great trauma. He killed himself by standing in front of a high-speed train on 12 November 1966. His poetry collection “Roshni Aay Roshni” (Light O Light!) was published in 1972 after his death.

Mustafa Zaidi was a poet along with being a Government Officer. It is said that he committed suicide after being rejected by a woman whom he truly loved. He was found mysteriously dead in his house on 12 October 1970. Many people thought that he was killed but the majority thought that he committed suicide.

Famous Pakistani Comedy Actor Nana, whose real name was Muhammad Rafi Khawar, worked in 391 movies during his acting career. He also programmed through Radio Pakistan in 1964. His famous movies include “Sala Sahib” (Mr. Brother-in-law), “Dubai Chalo” (Go to Dubai), “Aas” (Hope), “Nokar” (Servant) and “Aakhri Jung” (Last Battle).  However, he gained most of his popularity from the program “Alif Non” of famous writer and dramatist Kamal Ahmad Razvi. He fell for famous actresses Nazli. After being rejected from Nazli, he shot himself with a shotgun on 2nd July 1982.

Who is not familiar with Ernest Hemingway? He was awarded the Nobel Prize of Literature in 1954. His 7 novels and 6 collections of short stories were published. His universally acknowledged novel “For Home the Bell Tolls” was published in 1940. He suffered from many ailments. He killed himself by shooting in his head in July 1961.
No one can forget Jiya Khan, Nafeesa Josef, Praveen Babi, and Divya Bharthi.

Praveen Babi was found dead in her room. Divya Bharthi jumped from 5 storeys building in 1993. Jiya Khan and Nafeesa Josef killed themselves by hanging their bodies with the ceiling fan.
Why they are committing suicide?

If we focus on the point that why they all are committing suicide even when they are popular. We will come to know that these people are more sensitive and loving than the normal people living in this society. They think about the facts separating from the world. In this way, they soon suffer from depression.

The second main reason is the people living in society. They pin their hopes on writers and celebrities. They compare their works. They are most usually like, “You played this brilliant role in this drama and worked so beautifully. Now, why this role is bad and why the film flopped?”

Thus, a celebrity means so much for people. When they are commenting about their celebrity, they never give this point a single thought that it is not important to always give 100% work. They are also humans, it is not right to pin all our hopes on them. They also find their selves in depression when someone talks about their personal life in a merciless way.

The world of showbiz is like a roller coaster. It doesn’t even take a second from being a hero into a zero. After countless achievements of their works, actors and writers also pin their hopes on themselves that they will do more popular work than before. Sometimes, it is not possible to obtain the best work. If the work is normal, the salary is low, there is no work, the films are a flop, there are mistakes in writings, best acting is not available, all these factors act as the basics for putting the celebrities and writers into depression forcing them to take their own lives.

What is depression? It happens mostly due to the over lacking of money, popularity, mental peace, and unwanted facts of life. We often see people in flashlights, limelight in excessive happiness. But, we can’t find problems hidden in the useful and important people of our society.

It is up to us that we shouldn’t comment about their failure in a negative way. Instead, we should motivate them for performing even better work in the future. We shouldn’t talk about the problems in their personal life as the way we talk about films. Depression leads to thoughts of suicide. So, if we are the reason for their depression, it is more likely that we are the murderers.

Author Bio: Iqra Fatima is an entrepreneur and freelance journalist. She writes on entertainment and showbiz news for UK Newsline. Reading and writing is her passion along with running an online store.

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