First Woman to Reach Earth’s Highest and Lowest Points Carries Pakistan’s Flag

Mountaineer becomes Aquanaut 12 June 2020
Pacific Ocean, Federated States of Micronesia

Ms. Vanessa O’Brien has taken Pakistan’s Flag to the deepest point in the ocean named Challenger Deep, at 10,925 meters, in the Mariana Trench. If Everest were put in the Mariana Trench, it would still be 2 km under water. During this descent she became the first woman to reach Earth’s highest and lowest points, a Guinness World Record, and one she shares with Victor Vescovo, the submersible pilot of her dive.

The primary purpose of exploring Challenger Deep is to map the eastern seabed, collect water and rock samples, and to take scientific measurements. High Commissioner for Pakistan to United Kingdom, Nafees Zakaria, congratulated Vanessa O’Brien, the Goodwill Ambassador of Pakistan, who became the first British or American woman to conquer the highest peak of Karakoram K-2 Pakistan in 2017, on her successful mission to “Challenger Deep”. Zakaria said, the Government and people of Pakistan are proud of your achievement.

Vanessa was presented a ceremonial flag of Pakistan by Ms. Durdana Ansari, OBE Hon. Cdr Royal Navy, on behalf of the High Commissioner, which Vanessa displayed at her destination located about 200 miles southwest of Guam. She took a smaller Pakistan flag down in the submersible with her.

In a joint statement today, Durdana said, “I feel absolutely honored to be part of this expedition, and proud to bear witness to this historic event. I hope this flag’s incredible journey to this extraordinary place brings good luck for Pakistan.” Vanessa added, “It is an honor to carry the Pakistani flag on this journey. Oceans are cleansing, churning, constantly renewing, and incredibly strong. Just like Pakistan. Pakistan Zindabad.”

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