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UK Indian diaspora rebels against Modi Government

London: The Indian Muslim Federation, Muslim Association of Britain, South Asia Solidarity Group, Tamil People in UK , Castewatch UK, Kashmir Solidarity Movement, Indian Workers Association Great Britain, Malayali Muslims, Ghadar Intl, FORMO, Nations Without States and Newham Muslim Alliance protested outside the Indian Embassy London against the CAA, NRC, NPR and the occupation of Jammu and Kashmir. It was hosted by Cllr Mass Patel Commissioner for Air Quality and Climate change, Kalpana Wilson South Asia Solidarity Group and Hanna Hafezi. The purpose of the protest is condemnation of the BJP Government new Citizenship Act and discrimination against minorities which are majority Muslims. This new discriminatory Act is having a negative impact on the Sub continent. The keynote speakers were MP Tarry Sam, Harsev Bains AIC Great Britain, Agha Shamsuddin, Satpal Muman, Shaheen Moidunny, Adrija, Dalvinder Singh, Amina Mir, Bashir Patel, Saffa, Murad Qureshi, Cllr Firoza N, Salvinder, Upkar Singh, Asra Anjum, Cllr Shoaib, Cllr Salim Patel and others. They also demanded that the Government revoke CAA, NRC, Article 370, 35 A and grant independence to the Kashmiri people who are the under occupation of India since the last 72 years. They stated that the introduction of these policies will bring about the onset of Apartheid and eventually lead to Genocide against Muslims and other minorities in India to a scale which has never been seen before. They said friends of humanity must stand up against fascism and oppression before it is too late. Protesters marched from Whitehall outside 10 Downing Street to the Indian Embassy London. They chanted slogans against fascism RSS Narendra Modi, Aamit Shah, CAA, NRC Anti secularism acts of Indian Government and in favour of Independence of Kashmir, minorities rights in India and freedom. In attendance were Indian Citizens, unionists and people from all walks of life.Report by S M IRFAN TAHIR Photojournalist / Member National Union of Journalists (NUJ) Great Britain.

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