There is no Peace, There is no Glory on war

Written By: Sir Manuel Freire-Garabal y Núñez Honorary Ambassador INSPAD Pakistan

Peace and war, both contradictory ways, but both with the same objective.Everything that a change requires requires justification, although in many cases, it is preferable to tend to the central alignment in favor of the conflictive extremes that only generate torment and pain.

The torments, fruit of unjustified passions, have given rise to the worst convictions that have annulled the consciences and morals of those who have been incorruptible to this day.Passion, the path of success, has been lost and so the stories of cold wars have led to ardent wars in which there has only been death and destruction.

Thus, arising from death and contradiction, war is the great love of humanity and at the same time the most characteristic of our anti-moral qualities.

In this way, and starting from internal cries of help, we see that humanity has become synonymous with evil, evil that is always latent even in the purest hearts.It may be absurd but true, this theory has been reviled by scientists and philosophers, since we would all kill to safeguard a greater good.For the greater good, we are not referring to peace in the World or saving an innocent child with candy in hand as American films ridicule. The greater good is the life of a relative or even our own life.

Therefore, we humans, by nature, become the cause of our own extinction, since we are capable of killing ourselves, following our own self-destruction. All for absurd complexes that at no time fulfill a greater good.In this way, in order not to die, and being truly selfish, but selfish for our own and common existence, we reject violence, reject even world peace itself, since it is always masked by those who are truly authors of war; and live in order to protect life by following our creed and our most rational morality.

Being realistic and reasonable, being lovers of our own constants, you have to hate peace in war and to love life in peace.Let us flee from the mixed feelings, flee from any conflict that denotes an absence of confidence in our own existence, denoting the absence of authentic humanity and not stripped, flee from our homicidal nature and save the world, save Peace without war.

Everything is for a world of dehumanized anti-human nature, all for life without reason or condition. Everything is for a world in which there is real peace, that is not based on war without glory.
I hope that the little words about the authentic life and serve them to love a little more life without conditions of provoked terrorisms.
Live like that without fear, live without war and live with true glory. Live humbly as God has taught us until we have distorted it.
So I hope my words of this young writer invite them to reflect, invite them to La Paz, invite them to true love; since that is the real glory.

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