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China has been closely following the development of this recent attack

Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Geng Shuang’s Regular Press Conference on February 22, 2019

Q: The United Nations Security Council yesterday issued a press statement on the attack in India-controlled Kashmir, identifying Jaish-e-Mohammed as responsible for the attack. Does this mean that the Security Council now has evidence in hand to prove that JeM is the perpetrator of the attack? What are your comments?

A: China has been closely following the development of this recent attack. In yesterday’s Security Council press statement, a specific organization was mentioned, but it was a general statement rather than a judgment. The Chinese side has noted that the Pakistani government expressed its will to coordinate with India in the investigation and seek to resolve differences through dialogue. Parties concerned should conduct objective and unbiased investigation to find out the truth. China hopes that India and Pakistan can exercise restraint, engage in dialogues and make joint efforts to preserve peace and stability of the region.

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