The United Nations and Syrian Refugees

Written By: S M Irfan Tahir Photojournalist

“The best people in the world are those who help others.”

Hadhrat Wasif Ali Wasif says, “The Almighty God helps such a person who is good to others. Those, who feed the guests (others), will never be left helpless.”

On one hand, humans have controlled all the overt and covert, good and bad activities of life in the world with the help of knowledge and modern technology. On the other hand, negative forces (negative and evil people) destroy the system of the universe by weapons and terrorism. However, historically speaking, neither war nor terrorism is the solution of any problem, but a peaceful approach is the only way for the survival of the universe, instead.

It has been for the last eight years since the Syrian War (civil war) took place in the country, which has created a global refugee problem. 5.6 million individuals were turned into refugees, as a result of the war. According to a recent report by the United Nations, around 400,000 people lost their lives because of the civil war in Syria. 6.6 million people are internally missing. As of March, 2018, the number of people, who are in desperate need of basic human necessities, have reached13 millions, including 6 million children.

About 50% hospitals, clinics and basic health centres of the country have, almost, been destroyed till 2017, last year. None of such hospitals, clinics and basic health centres have been repaired or restored since.

There are, approximately, 3.3 million registered Syrian refugees only in Turkey. Hundreds of thousands of Syrians have fled their country after they were displaced and their homes destroyed with bullets, bomb explosions and gunpowder. Only 8% of the refugees (displaced people) live in Syria. They are undergoing the worst economic situation, and 70% of such refugees live their lives below poverty line. Some of these people have to live on such things, as biscuits, cheese, dry meat, dates and simple bread for their survival.

Currently, there are 246,000 refugees in Iraq, while 126,000 refugees are protected and helped by the UNHCR in Egypt.

So far the role of the 57 Muslim countries, in connection with the Syrian refugee crisis, is concerned, these Muslim countries do not play their role satisfactorily. Nevertheless, the United Nations Human Rights Council, the UNHCR and their allied human rights and social organizations should be praised and appreciated for what they do in resolving the ongoing Syrian refugee crisis.

According to some sources, Bashar al-Assad (the current President of Syria) has played the key role in the violation of human rights in Syria, as he is helped and supported by Russia, Iran and other Shia-dominated countries in conducting atrocities against the Syrian people. On the other hand, it is said that the rebels in Syria are supported by the Sunni Schools of Thought, the Arab countries and, perhaps, Turkey.

The good news is that the process of the political solution of the Syrian crisis/dispute is carried out and monitored by the Security Council itself. As a result, the 15-member UN Security Council discussed the matter about 33 times. The United Nations announced to help 5 million refugees with a sum of $4.4. billion. The United Nations, the Security Council and the United Nations Human Rights Council are doing their best day and night to resolve the health and residential problems of the Syrian people.

The serious and damning question to be answered by Human Rights organisations, human protection bodies and the Muslims, is the situation where the Syrian women, the daughters of Islam and the respectable mothers in Syria are forced to prostitution in order to survive. In other words, a great number of Syrian women have turned to prostitution to find a livelihood and survive, as a result of the ongoing Syrian crisis. Despite such a plight of the relevant Syrian women, the majority of the Human Rights Organizations, other bodies responsible for protecting human rights and, particularly, the Muslim population of the world, have turned a blind eye to this issue and totally ignored it so far.  This is but the most humiliating, degrading, contemptible, deplorable despicable and shameful example in human history to degrade and disrespect the Syrian female population in such a way.

To follow in the footsteps of the UNHRC and the UNHCR, this is the responsibility of the OIC (the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation) and other Muslim organizations to play their effective role in resolving the Syrian crisis. The prominent and influential Arab countries can play a productive, constructive, long-lasting and durable role in stopping the proxy war fought in Syria.

The existing silence of the countries and organizations of the world or their indifference to ignore the ongoing Syrian crisis can prove to be extremely dangerous for protecting human rights and world peace. Therefore, this is hugely essential for every human being to campaign in favour and support of the global peace openly and individually and fight against terrorism and extremism in the world.  

The present Syrian situation is not only risky for the Syrian children, but the fire (effect) of the current race or competition and politics of revenge (in the form of the ongoing Syrian crisis) can reach and destroy the peaceful parts of the world, too.

Today’s is the age of nuclear technology. Therefore, this is very hard and difficult for our planet (the world) to protect itself from destruction, if subjected to war and engulfed by terrorism. Thus, this is very important and necessary for (the intelligentsia) all the educated, learned, literary, intelligent and sincere people of the world to stay united and play their positive role in bringing peace to this globe.

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