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The Holy spring Kreeri Distt Baramulla, Jammu Kashmir


This Holy spring is situated in the centre of village kreeri Tehsil Kreeri Distt Baramulla in North almost 40 kilometres away from the Summer capital of Jammu and Kashmir.

There are many sayings about this spring but the most appropriate and authentic is that this Holy spring was digged out with the prick of ” Aasie Shareef ” of Hazrat Syed Mohammed Murad Naqvi Al Bukhari ( Rehmatullahi Alihi) popularly known as ” Qazi Kashmir ” on the directions of Hazrat Jabrail ( Alihi salaam) when here was scarcity of water and people were totally dependent on Springs, ponds and Canals for drinking, washing, cooking and other purposes.

The meticulous thing about this spring is that almost 700 years passed but there is no change in the taste of its water nor has so far its water level deceased.The water of this spring was used by the great saint for bathing, washing and performing ablution for prayers.People still use the water of this spring as a spiritual treatment for many internal and external diseases and proves it more effective and curable than other methods of scientific treatment.

Recently this Holy spring was fenced on my special request by the authorities, am highly obliged to them.

2 March 2021 Written by: Syed Abid Bukhari : 0091-9797921173

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