Start of the New Year with a beautiful Naat

Birmingham: Start of the New Year with a beautiful Mehfil e Milad e Mustafa S.A.W. at Zia ul Ummah Center, Victoria Street, Bordesley Green. Under the supervision of Imam Shahed Tameez Host By Raja Mohammed Sheraz & Raja Mohammed Waqas Special attendance Sahibzada Pir Mohammed Najib u Rehman Faizpuri , Sahibzada Mohammed Shoaib Chishty, Qari Mohammed Abdullah, Haji Mohammed Azam, Mohammed Abdullah Haqqani, Mohammed Adeel Attari, Mohammed Bilal Noshahi Soharwardi, Mohammed Iman Sheraz, Raja Aziz u Rehman , Raja Mohammed Awais, Raja Mohammed Pervaiz, Raja Tahir Akhtar, Raja Mohammed Asghar, Raja Mohammed Razzaq, Mohammed Ashfaq, Mohammed Arsh Sheraz, Mohammed Shaukat and others. Report by S M Irfan Tahir Photojournalist National Union of Journalists (NUJ) Great Britain.

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