Pir Fazal Rabbani Zahidi goodwill ambassador of peace

Islamabad: International think tank Institute of Peace and Development INSPAD proudly nominates eminent religious scholar, Spiritual saint, Social figure, thinker and peace, harmony activist Hon Pir Muhammad Fazal Rabbani Zahidi Sajada Nasheen Dardar Nairian Shareef Azad Kashmir as Goodwill Ambassador of Peace. Pir Zahidi had masters in Islamic studies & Arabic from renowned Islamic education institution in South Asia Jamia Muhammadia Gousia Bhera Shareef, Sargodha Pakistan, he is founder of famous Jamia Muhammadia Gousia Rawalakot And the head of the great spiritual and religious center Nairian Shareef. His father Hazrat Pir Khawaja Ghulam Mohiuddin Ghaznavi (RA) was a legendary spiritual & religious icon in South Asia. Pir Fazal Rabbani is patron of many religious institutions and associated with national and international organizations as well. He devoted his life to preach Islam, sunnah, tolerance, brotherhood, social reforms. inter-religious harmony, towheed, Ishq e Rasool and social justice. His followers are in millions around the globe. Warm congratulation to Hon Pir sahib we need your patronage and guidance in near future.

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