On going problems at Pakistan Consulate Birmingham

Birmingham: It seems the Pakistan Consulate of Birmingham is a power base for illiterate management who clearly don’t understand governance and certainly don’t have any concept of good customer service, absolutely disgusting at the sheer lack of privacy space to discuss confidential personal caseloads – the jaw-dropping lacklustre attitude of staff members are aggressive and extraordinarily arrogant and treat British overseas Pakistanis with sheer contempt, all under the watchful eye of the Consulate General Mr Ahmar Ismail who should hang his head in shame for allowing this kind of outlandish and intimidating behaviour to take place, he should be held accountable for his miserable failings, and face the consequences for systematic and institutional misogynistic views ..interestingly Chinese whispers within some quarters suggest Mr Ahmar Ismail will soon be frog marched out of office due to allegations of inappropriate behaviour (sexual harassment/bullying) – I hope justice prevails and a replacement consulate general can be found so overseas Pakistani’s can start getting the respect that they yearn!

Example of prime minister complaint portal

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