With the Nationality and Borders Bill UK is Choosing Cruelty Over Morality

London: Immigration is currently dominated by the effects of the ever-growing number of individuals being displaced from their home countries across the world. For countries such as the UK, we have a responsibility to aid these people and offer support for the simple reason that we have the capacity and resources to do so. Despite this, governments have turned the act of seeking refuge into the political zeitgeist of our time; forcing ministers to decide whether to assist the vulnerable or to close the gates to those who desperately need entry.

However, with the ongoing discussions of Priti Patel’s proposed Nationality and Borders Bill, it appears that the UK is choosing cruelty over morality. Patel’s bill, claimes to be the key to fixing what has been described as the ‘broken’ immigration system of the UK. It is already known that the current UK approach to immigration has been consistently hostile for near to a decade now, so why would Patel think adding cruel fuel to the already raging fire would be helpful?

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