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A Condolence Reference for Mother of Pir Jahanzaib Badshah Qasmi

Greater Manchester: A Condolence Reference for Mother of Khawaja Pir Jahanzaib Badshah Qasmi DBA, Shahzada Dr Pir Fazeel Ayaz Qasmi DBA, Khawaja Pir Aurangzaib Badshah Qasmi DBA and Khawaja Pir Riffat Mahmood Qasmi DBA was held at the Jamia Masjid Qasmia Mohra Sharif Oldham. It was hosted by Allama Mohammed Farooq Noorani. The Chief Guest of the Mehfil was the Khawaja Pir Jahanzaib Badshah Qasi DBA Custodian of Astana Aliya Mohra Sharif Koh e Murre, Pakistan. Keynote Speakers were Allama Mufti Mohammed Naseer Ullah Naqshbandi, Allama Mohammed Ayub Chishti, Allama Hafiz Niaz Ahmed Saddiqui, Allama Zia ul Islam Hazarvi, Qari Sumander Khan, Hafiz Wajid u Rehman, Allama Qari Mohammed Rasab, Qari Khadam Hussain, Mufti Mohammed Azam, Mohammed Asim and others. Khalifa Mohammed Sadiq Ali, Mohammed Anwar, Siraj Iqbal, Abdul Rehman, Zain al Abdein, Adaab Khan, Mohammed Afzaal Sultani Qadri, Mohsin Ali, Abdullah Waris, Umar Naveed, Mahboob Zaib, Khizzer Hayyat, Ch Mohammed Farooq, Ch Khalid Mohar, Ch Tanveer Mohar and others also were present on this occasion. Report by S M IRFAN TAHIR Photojournalist / Member National Union of Journalists (NUJ) Great Britain.

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