Maqbool sacrificed his today for tomorrow of coming generations

London: Kashmir Voice International (KVI) in a statement issued in London, paid glowing tributes to Sheheed Mohammad Maqbool Bhat. Maqbool sacrificed his today for tomorrow of coming generations. He stood with conviction and determination against the occupation of our motherland. Despite severe torture he suffered, he did not yield as he was a great revolutionary who was hanged for his unflinching faith in what he believed.

Maqbool was the idol of inspiration and epitome of courage and inner strength. His supreme sacrifice will never be forgotten who inspired the youth to pursue the freedom movement fearlessly with courage and commitment. Maqbool will be remembered for making our freedom struggle a people’s movement and creed for our youth.

KVI pays tributes to Maqbool Bhat, Afzal Guroo and the thousands of people who laid their lives for the glorious cause of our freedom. Their sacrifice will be remembered for all times to come.

Maqbool was a revolutionary thinker, a secular symbol of rebellion who stood with conviction and determination against the occupation of our Motherland. India killed this brave son of Kashmir but not his ideas and philosophy which inspired Kashmiris and thousands of Maqbools were born, our struggle became people’s movement and creed for youth.

Maqbool was a nationalist leader who wanted the state of five regions to emerge as an independent, sovereign and democratic republic which implied to have won over the confidence and support of the people living in different regions, professing different faiths and enjoying different cultures. KVI believes that although late steps need to be initiated in this direction by the followers of Maqbool Bhat, in order to make the movement nationalistic in real sense.

The world is aware of the situation in which Kashmir Valley has been placed after 5th August 2019. More than 7 million Kashmiris are in siege. The internet gag, restriction imposed on speech and political space, indiscriminate arrests and loss of business resulting in unemployment are well planned measures adopted to break the will of Kashmiris. Fighting back these measures with determination at international level could be the best tribute to Maqbool Bhat.

Kashmir Valley diaspora stand in complete solidarity with the caged people of Kashmir. KVI demands an end to all the restrictions imposed upon our people.

Kashmir is a political issue and needs to be addressed for a solution reflecting the people’s aspirations and be acceptable to them. KVI believes no constitutional changes right from 1956 have served the purpose of integrating the people with the main stream instead the alienation has strengthened.

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