Lord Nazir has taken retirement from the House of Lords UK

London: Rotheram’s Lord Nazir Ahmed took his retirement from the House of Lords UK today.

According to the statement he made to the Pakistani media Today, Monday 16 November 2020, that he has decided to retire from the House of Lords after 23 years of service. It is understood that Lord Nazir wrote to the clerk of the House of Lords a month ago, expressing his wish to retire.

The UK Parliament confirmed to Lord Nazir, that his retirement request had been approved under the House of Lords Reform Act 2014 “as of 14 November 2020”.

The Lord Speaker on Monday announced in the UK Parliament, that Lord Nazir has retired at the start of business on November 16, 2020.

His life as peer was created on the recommendation of Prime Minister Tony Blair in 1998. Many of his political activities relate to the Muslim community both in the UK and abroad.

Lord Nazir made history when he became the first Muslim, Kashmiri, and Pakistani to enter the House of Lords as a Labour peer, making his mark instantly through a combative style of politics, as well as taking unconventional positions on issues such as the Iraq war, Kashmir issue, and rights of Muslims.

He spent nearly 35 years in active politics and served for 10 years as a councillor before joining the House of Lords. He has been a vociferous advocate of the Kashmir cause.

Lord Nazir Ahmed: My wife has cancer and sadly the operation was unsuccessful. I have not attended the House of Lords session for nearly two years . I need to look after my family and continue working for Kashmir and Palestine from home.

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