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Azad Kashmir up coming election and LA 45 Valley 6 KPK

“Kashmir Seeks Attention” on World News TV UK. Host by S M IRFAN TAHIR & Special Guests Samia Sajjid Central Chairperson Social Media Wing All Jammu & Kashmir Muslim Conference, Abdul Majid Khan – Official MLA and Secretary General PTI AJK, Noor ul Bari Candidate for MLA Jamat e Islami, Abdul Nasir Khan Official Candidate for MLA Valley 6, Fayyaz Sulhariya JUI, Akhtiarullah Butt President KPK PPP AJ&K, Tariq Mughal LA 45 Valley 6 and Razi Khan LA 45 Valley 6 KPK Topic Azad Kashmir up coming election and LA45 Valley 6 KPK on 4 April 2021 From 2 till 3 PM UK Time, 6.30 PM till 7.30 PM Indian Time and 6 PM till 7 PM Pakistan Standard time

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