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An international perspective on Kashmir conflict

”Kashmir Seeks Attention” World News TV UK on 04 July 2020 From 6 PM till 7 PM. Host: S M IRFAN TAHIR. Guests: Anthea McIntyre Former member of the European Parliament from 2011 to 2020, where she represented the West Midlands region. She is a businesswoman and devotes spare time to a range of public and voluntary-service roles. In Brussels, Anthea was Conservative chief whip and spoke for the Party on employment, the environment and agriculture. Anthea also co-chaired the all-party Friends of Kashmir group in the European Parliament and champions human rights and self-determination for the Kashmiri people. She visited Kashmir in 2018, meeting with ministers and civil society and visiting the LoC. Soraya Boyd CEO and Founder Facilitate Global a London-based human rights NGO promoting peace building, conflict prevention & conflict resolution, one rule of law and Claire Bidwell Human rights activist, Co-founder of let Kashmir decide and Primary school teacher from Scotland. Topic: An International perspective on Kashmir Conflict.

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