Kabir Singh is Shahid Kapoor’s toughest role till date

Shahid Kapoor talks about his journey to play Kabir Singh – out in cinemas this Friday

Shahid Kapoor has delivered some hard-hitting and entertaining performances in his career so far in the Indian film industry.

In his upcoming film Kabir Singh, the actor will be seen in a completely different light. The actor has not only prepped a lot to get into the skin of his character but has also undergone a lot of physical transformation for his role.

Right from gaining weight to growing a beard, the actor has left no stone un-turned to play Kabir Singh. Talking about the challenges, Shahid says, “Kabir Singh has been an extremely challenging film for me emotionally and physically. Since I had three distinct looks in the film, I had to transform myself to quite an extent. I had to smoke cigarettes and grow my beard.  However, since my character demanded it, I did not think twice before doing what my director wanted me to do. I like doing roles that challenge me.”

Kabir Singh releases in cinemas on 21st June, 2019 and is distributed by Cinestaan Film Company.

Watch the Kabir Singh trailer here:

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