Justice for the Birmingham Four – Khobaib, Naweed, Mohibur and Tahir

[Question: Would the West Midlands Police force ‘Fit’ a person/persons up for a crime they did not commit?

Answer: Emphatically yes, the West Mids Police have a long history of fitting people up see ]

Khobaib Hussain, Naweed Ali, Mohibur Rahman, and Tahir Aziz to Appeal Convictions

They maintained their innocence throughout their trial, claiming the incriminating evidence was planted by an undercover police officer known as Vincent, the boss of a fake firm called Hero Couriers.

They are now seeking to overturn their convictions at the Court of Appeal, arguing their four-month trial was “unfair” because it was allowed to continue amid four separate UK terror attacks.

Lawyers for the four argued on Thursday 18/10/2018 that the trial should have been postponed following major incidents in Westminster, London Bridge, Manchester and Finsbury Park.

Stephen Kamlish QC, for Ali, told senior judges the trial jury was likely to have found it impossible to consider the case properly in the circumstances. He said: “We say that resulted in them being unable to follow their oath – not because they were avoiding it, but because they just couldn’t risk letting them [the defendants] go. All we asked for was an adjournment, we submit we should have got it.”

The lawyers also said it was “at least arguable” that the trial jury was “tainted” after one juror – who was discharged – asked if a detective involved in the case was single on behalf of another juror. Joel Bennathan QC, for Rahman, told the court it was clear one juror had “an affection at some level” for Detective Sergeant Ryan Chambers, which was “repeatedly pursued”, and that the other jurors said nothing to court staff.

He said: “It is beyond doubt this takes away any idea that they are a conscientious jury, properly equipped to deal with the seriousness of the task.” The men’s legal teams further argued that they should have been given more information about Vincent, and said Mr Justice Globe’s summing up of the case was “biased” in relation to the undercover officer.

Lawyers for the Crown Prosecution Service opposed the appeals and argued there was no unfairness during the trial which was capable of rendering the convictions unsafe.

Birmingham Mail,

Background: Campaign for the Four Wrongly Convicted Birmingham Defendants

Letters of Solidarity/Support to:

Mohibur Rahman: A3480AZ, HMP Full Sutton, Stamford Bridge, YO4 1PS

Naweed Ali: A0531CJ, HMP Frankland, Brasside, DH1 5YD

Khobaib Hussain: A0537CJ, HMP Long Lartin, South Littleton, Evesham, WR11 8TZ

Tahir Aziz: A8301DV, HMP Whitemoor, Long Hill Road, March, PE15 0PR

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