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Chief of UNHCR presented an inquiry commission report on Kashmir

Geneva : United Nations Human rights Council is a real symbol of international interfaith peace and harmony where representatives from countries all over the world sit under one roof and share their views on human rights violation in every part of the world especially in Syria, Palestine, Ukraine, Kashmir, Yemen, Libya, Myanmar, African states and others. Also they provide positive criticism for the development and improvement of countries. Recently the Chief of Human rights Council at UNHRC Geneva Mr Zeid Raad Al Hussein presented an inquiry commission report on the Kashmir Conflict, the international flash point of the South Asia region. Where thousands of people’s lost their lives due to human rights violations. India and Pakistan both have different views on the exclusive report. However it is a great initiative of the United Nations Human rights Council as it will help to reveal the real situation facing Kashmir and to get the facts and figures for the solution of this very complicated and long lasting world issue. Kashmiri wants justice and self-determination to resolve this problem as a priority but unfortunately, some people are preventing this by playing politics on this sensitive issue and getting their benefits. They want to divert the attention of international community. So every patriot Kashmiri should expose the negativity and participate in the struggle for the real solution of the State of Jammu and Kashmir with total concentration. Everyone hopes that the United Nations Human Rights Council will take action on this very long and postponed issue and give chance to Kashmiri’s to decide their future and get their natural independence. Report by S M IRFAN TAHIR Photojournalist / Member National Union of Journalists (NUJ) Great Britain.

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