Implications of blocking ID card, Dr Shabir Choudhry

1.    Because of what I do to promote cause of united and independent Jammu and Kashmir and expose wrong doers, Pakistan has blocked my ID card with instructions that this person should not be allowed to come back to Pakistan and Azad Kashmir.

2.    In order to create problems in my family and increase family pressure on me, they have also blocked ID card of my daughter who is married and lives with her husband and children separate from me; and who has no role at all in politics.

3.    Many citizens of Jammu and Kashmir take this matter very lightly, perhaps they do not understand implications of this Pakistani move. Pakistani establishment wanted to send this message to the nationalists of Jammu and Kashmir that they can also become target of their wrath.

4.    As a direct result of their action, the following fundamental rights are violated:

·      My right to travel and visit my home in Azad Kashmir;

·      My right to meet my relatives and friends;

·      My right to visit grave of my beloved father. It must be noted that I was unable to travel with dead body of my father due to this matter.

·      My right to bank – my accounts are frozen;

·      My right to buy property;

·      My right to sell property;

·      My right to inherit;

·      My right to even stay at a hotel, or hire a car etc, because without a valid ID card one is not allowed to function as a normal citizen;

·      My right of movement as I can be stopped anytime and anywhere and asked to produce a valid ID card.

5.    Many political activists of Jammu and Kashmir have decided to remain quiet on this matter; maybe, to them, it is not important. Soon they or their friends can also face similar problems.

6.    Good thing is, despite many hearings in High Court, to date; no evidence is presented against me.

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