EU Nations ‘Should Continue Extraditions to the UK Until Brexit’

EU nations should continue extraditions to the UK until it leaves the bloc next year, despite claims that Brexit could cause uncertainty for suspects, according to a legal opinion written for the European court of justice (ECJ). The opinion by the advocate general at the EU’s highest court was issued after the high court in Ireland referred a case concerning the extradition of a man wanted in relation to alleged rape, arson and murder, on the grounds there was a risk that the man’s rights under present EU law could be compromised post-Brexit. It asked for the ECJ’s view after the man mounted a legal challenge to a European arrest warrant (EAW), arguing he could not surrender to British authorities on the grounds that he could be subjected to inhumane and degrading treatment once the UK leaves the bloc. The suspect has been in custody since 3 February 2016 after two EAWs were issued in 2016.

Read more: Lisa O’Carroll, Guardian,

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