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Book Launch Ceremony of Mohammed Saeed Mughal MBE

Birmingham: Book Launch Ceremony of Mohammed Saeed Mughal MBE was held at The Ladbrooke Hotel, Digbeth. It was hosted by Mohammed Saeed Mughal MBE. The event was attended by a Member of the British Parliament, Mayor’s, Cllrs, Writers, Scholars, Media Persons, Faith leaders, Pakistani and Kashmiri community members. The event stage secretary was Barrister Ashraf Mughal. The Keynote speakers were Roger Godsiff Member of Parliament of the United Kingdom, Dr Z U Khan Former Advisor to President AJK, Former Lord Mayor of Birmingham Sue Anderson, Former Lord Mayor of Birmingham Councillor Shafique Shah, Riaz Butt Former Chief Prosecutor of AJK, Councillor Mohammed Afzal, Yaqub Nizami, Malik Fazal Hussain, Mirza Mohammed Khalid, Mohammed Ayyub MBE, Dr Khurram Bashir, Sheir Khan, Dr Akhtar Zaman Ghauri, Professor Ahmed Raza, Maqsood Rehman Qureshi, Asif Mahmood Baratlvi, Mrs Bilqees Raja, A A Malik, Mrs Talat Salim, Asif Qureshi and other. They all expressed their views and stated that the Autobiography of Mohammed Saeed Mughal MBE (Naqash e Saeed) is a part of our history and asset for the new generation living in Britain, and back home Kashmir and Pakistan. MP Roger Godsiff said Mohammed Saeed Mughal is a pillar of the Kashmiri community living in Birmingham. He received an MBE Award in 2012 from HE Queen for his community and welfare services provided to the people of Pakistan and Kashmir. The new generation can spend a successful life following the footstep of people like Saeed Mughal MBE. Mr Z U Khan said we should pay attention to children here rather than wasting our time promoting politics back home.They all paid a huge tribute to Mohammed Saeed Mughal MBE for his life long welfare and social work for the Kashmiri nation. Also present were Councillor Mohammed Fazal, Ch Ali Shan Sohni, Haji Mohammed Sharif Mughal, Ch Amin, Syed Rashid Hussain Shah Jamati, Bilal Ramzan, Raja Abdul Qayyum, Lala Abdul Qadir and other. Report by S M Irfan Tahir Photojournalist / Member National Union of Journalists (NUJ) Great Britain.

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