Birmingham Man Fails to Overturn Gang Injunction

Gang injunctions that can ban individuals from towns and cities do not breach European human rights laws, a court has ruled. Appeal court judges made the ruling after a challenge by a 21-year-old who was made the subject of a Birmingham City Council banning order. Jerome Jones was one of 18 men to be hit last year with what was described as the largest ever gang injunction. Backing the orders, judges said gang behaviour was not to be underestimated. Sir Brian Leveson, Lord Justice Underhill and Lord Justice Irwin ruled on Wednesday 23/05/2018, that “parliament was entitled to address the very real social harm which gangs and other anti-social behaviour have been inflicting on society in the way in which this legislation seeks to do.”

Mr Jones was said to be a member of the GMG – Guns and Money Gang – or a rival gang in the city and engaged in, encouraged or assisted gang-related violence and drug dealing, Sir Brian said. A two-year injunction was made against him and the 17 others by a judge at Birmingham County Court last July.  He was banned from parts of Birmingham and told not to use or threaten to use violence against any person.

Sir Brian said the appeal by Mr Jones had concerned the “compatibility” of the orders with his right to a fair trial under the European Convention on Human Rights. The challenge, which was dismissed by the three judges, was opposed by both Birmingham City Council and the Home Secretary. Sir Brian said Mr Jones is to appeal against the county court ruling.

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