Controversial & accused Shia cleric Asif Alvi reached the UK from Islamabad

There is also a statement from Shaykh Ghulam Rabbani Founder Faizan-E-Islam London & Jamat e Ahl e Sunnat Great Britain.

London: Controversial and accused Shia cleric Asif Alvi reached the UK from Islamabad. Shia cleric has been accused of insulting the holy figures of Islam (First Khalifa of Islam Hazzrat Abu Baker Siddique R.T.A)۔ An FIR under Sections 295A, 298A and 109 has also been lodged against this Shia cleric in Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan, on August 25, 2020. But his arrest has not yet been made۔ It is said that there are many cases against cleric before but despite this he has been reading Majlis in Islamabad, Pakistan to Northampton, United Kingdom. Reliable sources have confirmed that Asif Raza Alvi is closely associated with key government officials in Pakistan and has not been arrested so far. All Sunni and Ahl e Hadith organisations have strongly condemned Asif Alvi’s crucial act. Sunni religious scholars say that this Shia cleric is involved in fanning the flames of sectarianism in Pakistan in the current situation۔ Report by Director Asian News World News TV UK.

Asif Raza Alvi has also issued an explanatory statement in this regard.

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