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Himaya Haven hosted a FAST Families matter campaign workshop

Birmingham: Today Himaya Haven hosted a Families matter campaign workshop which was delivered by FAST (Families Against Stress and Trauma). They as an organisation believe that every family matters that is why they believe that families should be able to access appropriate and timely support at every stage of the criminal justice system. The workshop was well received with quality attendance. Good questions and answers lead to positive discussions.The Families Matter campaign aims to provide support and guidance to parents and anyone else concerned that their loved ones may be vulnerable to radicalization or to being targeted by extremists. FAST hopes that by using real life case studies and providing expert advice, that parents will feel empowered to intervene and stop radicalization at its early stages. Presentation by Saleha Jaffar , Razia Tariq Hadait and Julie Din. Attended by Zobia Hadait, Susan Austin,Sardar Zia Mahmood, Kousar Zafar, Rashda Shah, N Ahmed, Rahila Mann, Moona Haque , Asho Adan, Hafza, Jabeen, Sabah Jabin, Rehana Fiaz, Sanaa Zahir, Saeeda Parveen, Mussarat, Asha and others. Report by S M Irfan Tahir Photojournalist National Union of Journalists (NUJ) Great Britain.

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