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Bollywood musical evening was held at the Lime and Chilli, Birmingham

Birmingham: Bollywood musical evening was held at the Lime and Chilli Soho Road, It was hosted by Chanchal Brij Media Take one. Live performance were given by Female Singer Shrii Gautam, Male Singer Boota Pardesi and others. There were present peoples from diverse communities ethnic and backgrounds. They all are enjoyed evergreen live Bollywood music hot spicy food and full of joy with peaceful atmosphere and entertainment. The sponsors of the event were Surinder Shin, Avtar Singh, Dinesh Gogna, Apna Bhajan, Lime and Chilli for the venue and musician Echo international. Also present were Gulshan Radio presenter Jeet Ratnam, Ranvir Kaur from Kanshi TV, Gazalah Ahmed, Sabir Mirza, Sajjad Mirza and many others. Report by Khushi Qureshi and S M IRFAN TAHIR Photojournalist / Member National Union of Journalists (NUJ) Great Britain.

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